Natural Lipids to Strengthen Your Formulations

Stepan’s line of NEOBEE® Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) and Marinol® Omega-3 oils are used to add daily nutrition to your infant’s health. NEOBEE® MCTs are very suitable for providing sufficient dietary energy to pre-term infants, who have difficulties in digesting dietary fats. Marinol® Omega-3 oils are pre-metabolized and naturally structured Omega-3s produced during a proprietary gentle enzymatic process. The major bioactive Omega-3s DHA and EPA work together to mimic the structure of Omega-3s in breast milk. 

Marinol® Omega-3
  • Remains in same bioavailable form as natural triglycerides
  • Better emulsification properties enable ease of formulation
  • Sustainably sourced

  • Contain no trans fatty acids
  • Are not derived from GMOs
  • Are Kosher and Halal certified*

*Except NEOBEE® 70%

Marinol® Omega-3s

Grade Physical Appearance EPA, mg/g DHA, mg/g/strong> EPA+DHA, mg/g
D-40 Oil 60 340 400
20% DHA Powder 30 170 200
C-38 Capsule & Oil 210 150 360
HS Powder Powder 100 70 170
D-30r Oil 110 300 410
CO-30 Oil 90 220 310
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NEOBEE® Medium Chain Triglycerides

Grade Caprylic acid % Capric acid %
NEOBEE® 895 97% none
NEOBEE® 1053 >55% >44%
NEOBEE® M-5 >66% >32%
NEOBEE® M-20 >66% >32%
NEOBEE® M-5 Cosmetic >66% >32%
NEOBEE® Powder 50% or 70% >55% >44%
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