Replace Discontinued Hydrocarbons

Haltermann Carless provides a full portfolio of high purity hydrocarbons. If you're looking to replace or consolidate your hydrocarbon requirements, see below to view the Haltermann Carless full line.

Over the last few years, several manufacturers of high purity hydrocarbons have discontinued key chemistries. Based in Germany, Haltermann Carless has been in the hydrocarbon business for over 100 years. They are now offering their products in North America to address the growing need for these chemistries. See the table below for the list of available Haltermann products replacing previously discontinued grades.

Discontinued Chevron Phillips Chemical Grades

Available Haltermann Carless Grades
n-Octane Tech n-Octane 95 Tech
n-Hexane Pure n-Hexane 99 Pure
n-Hexane 95% n-Hexane 95 Tech
n-Hexadecane Tech n-Hexadecane 95 Tech
n-Heptane 95% n-Heptane 95 Tech
n-Dodecane Tech n-Dodecane 95 Tech
 n-Decane Pure n-Decane 99 Pure
n-Decane Commercial n-Decane 95 Tech
Methylcyclohexane Pure Methylcyclohexane 99 Pure

Why Haltermann Carless Hydrocarbons:

  • ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified
  • Full portfolio, consolidation of all high purity hydrocarbon requirements

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